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Located in beautiful north east Oklahoma. Nestled on the shores of Grand Lake. Our Goldendoodles are raised on a farm. They are allowed to feel the grass between their toes and the mud on their nose. Where family and fun are our focus and healthy Goldendoodle puppies are a priority. 

Our adult Golden-doodles are fully health tested through Penn Hip, OFA and Embark genetic panel.  All of our adults have passed their test with flying colors showing no evidence of the over 150 different genetic variants tested for by Embark. They have scored well within the national average of healthy Penn Hip Scores making us very confident that our pups are free of genetic disorders such as hip dysplasia and intervertebral disk disease. 

Not only do we strive for healthy bodies but also healthy minds. We begin the socialization and training process through strategic handling and exposure from day one. Our happy helpers take puppy socializing very serious. We are very lucky to have placed many family pets as well as physical and emotional support animals


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