Bree ----Neosho MO

Bree is my parent's puppy. We picked her up in Oklahoma. My parents are both 76 yrs old. They have an older female schnauzer. The schnauzer has livened up a bunch with the addition of Bree. Bree is a lover! She roams free and does not run off. My parents live on the lake and Breeloves to find mud and ride on the boat! My favorite quality is when one of the grandkids get hurts and is crying, she just wants them to get better. She assists with lots and lots of kisses. It works!


Tux and Bella -Joplin

Tux and Bella were lucky enough to go to a family with twice the love to give. When they are not being spoiled rotten by their two kids they are getting into mischief together. 


Mae is 8 months old. She weighs 70lbs. She likes to go on walks, hunt hair scrunches, play tug of war, collect socks, and give hugs. She also loves hanging out with other dogs.

Mac-Grand Lake OK

Mac formally know as "Lightning McQueen"  has never been crazy about baths but loves swimming in 

Grand Lake. According to his new family Mac has been the best puppy. 

"He gets along great with his big brother Hank and we will never own just one doodle ever again" 

Turquoise "Turk"-Bartlesville

"We love Turq so much! He loves his little boys so much. We took him for a 2 hour hike and he was perfect. He led the way, and stopped to wait for our little one when he got to far behind"

Louise- Neosho MO

She's such a big goofball! We love her personality...and even though she's really ornery some times, we can't imagine life without her.  


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Pheobe and her person are best of friends. She's amazing

Truffles- Monkey Island Grand Lake OK 

Curiosity got the best of Truffles as a pup he managed to get himself under one of the family horses here at C5.  With a little extra love and attention his injury healed quickly. He was able to join his forever family with no lingering side effects.