Charlie is our one and only stud that we are using at this time. Charlie is a beautiful AKC registered Royal Standard Parti Brown and White poodle. He weighs approximatley 70lbs and stands 32" high at the shoulder. He has a quality coat that is very curly which shows prominant in his offspring.

Charlie has a wonderful playful disposition. He gets along well with children and other dogs. This temperment he seems to pass on to his offspring. 

The Grandparents 

Elsa Golden Retriever the mother of Yankee. Mature weight 70lbs.

Duster Standard Poodle the father of Yankee. Mature weight 80lbs

Moose F1 Goldendoodle the father of Macaroni. Mature weight 100lbs

Ellie F1 Goldendoodle the mother of Macaroni mature weight 80lbs